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Conceptual Development

The conceptual design phase is the most essential and commonly overlooked part of a successful project. Without a proven concept, failure is almost inevitable. In a typical concept development phase, each engineering discipline performs its individual development task in accordance with the overall requirements and dependencies that are defined within the system model. However in early design phases a gap can exist between the general system model and the discipline-specific development.
Along with AAC’s key persons 100+ years of design experience, AAC utilizes a multidiscipline approach from the inception of the concept development phase which includes involvement of application, automation, electrical and mechanical engineers and professionals together allowing a coordinated and complete concept design and feasibility study that considers all variables essential for a successful concept development. All proven concepts are then presented to our clients with complete 3D modeling of the design, along with a detailed project scope for review and approval.  
This process allows AAC, Inc. to provide innovated, custom designed manufacturing solutions that are unsurpassed in the industry.

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