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Industry: Mining and Quarry
Project: Stone Saw

Executive Summary:
Design a Stone Saw to cut through multiple types of stone. Customer wants the  system automated with the capability of entering the stone type, size of cuts, and other pertinent information both locally at 2 locations on the saw, and through a remote server located in the production manager’s office. Customer also wanted a server that could log all production data and run automatic monthly reports that would include all pertinent production data. Customer also wanted video cameras to monitor the production area


  AAC designed all facets of the system including mechanical (gantry and saw) and the electrical controls and automation. The control system utilizing an Allen-Bradley Compact Logix PLC with PowerFlex 700 AC Vector Drives.  The operator interface was designed with Factory talk automation loaded on a newly provided server utilizing 2 thin clients for operator interface. AAC also utilized the PC based LuxRiot Video surveillance software with Aerocant IP cameras for viewing the production area.

Operator interface was designed such that the operator would log in to the system. The operator would then log what product they were running, and the cuts profile they wanted. The system would then automatically record data into an access database including name, employee number, date and time, and product information. When started, the saw would move to the starting point automatically by sensing the front “corner” of the slab via a cognex vision system, and then begin the production run. When completed, data such as  up time, down time analysis, and fault data analysis, along with the the product data previously mentioned,  was all automatically logged to an access database archived on the production manager’s PC. The system was also set up to run a monthly report of all jobs run including all data stated above.