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Process Automation

Advanced Automated Controls, Inc. offers a diverse range of automation engineering services utilizing the latest and most cost effective technologies. We provide robust, scalable, user friendly and nonproprietary solutions that can be seamlessly integrated into existing system platforms and prove to be the solid foundation for a new project. We focus on all crucial factors such as production efficiency, product flexibility and traceability, maintenance, plant performance, and regulatory compliance during every developmental and implementation phase of a project. AAC, Inc. helps you to operate your production facility profitably, efficiently and in compliance with current government, industrial and safety regulations. We understand the necessity for our valued customers to comply with nationally and internationally recognized quality standards such as GAMP, (c)GMP, USDA, 3A, 21 CFR Part 11, ISA-88, ISO 9001, OSHA and associated FDA requirements and regulations.


Process Automation Highlights:

  • Functional Requirements and Specifications
  • Facilities Automation and Integration Planning
  • Project Scope and Specifications Development
  • Integration Requirements and Specifications
  • Detailed P&ID and Control Drawings Development
  • Information and MES Design and Programming
  • SCADA Design and Programming
  • PLC Configuration and Programming
  • HMI Configuration and Programming
  • Custom Code Development and Integration
  • DCS Configuration and Programming
  • System Staging, Simulation, and Testing
  • Installation, Startup, and Commissioning
  • Validation

Batch Processing

Advanced Automated Controls, Inc. understands the necessity for our valued customers to comply with nationally and internationally recognized quality standards such as GAMP, (c)GMP, USDA, 3A, 21 CFR Part 11, ISA-88, ISO 9001, OSHA and associated FDA requirements and regulations.  These regulations provide crucial industry standards to assure product consistency and operational efficiency throughout your batch processing application. 

Batch Management Highlights:

  • Improve on batch cycle time
  • Improved batch yield and consistency
  • Data protection including backup and disaster recovery, historical logging, redundancy and fault tolerant systems
  • Decrease changeover time, downtime,  and raw material loss
  • Design and installation of industrial networks
  • Recipe based system management and execution
  • ISA-88 phase driven control system solutions
  • Instrumentation validation and calibration
  • Lower engineering cost throughout the life-cycle of your manufacturing process
  • Lower cost of capturing data, including less time to manually record batch data

ERP/MES/SCADA Impementation

Today’s manufacturing markets are more competitive than ever. If you are like many manufacturing facilities, in order to stay competitive you need to maximize your current processes while minimizing capital expenditures. In order to achieve these goals and eliminate the struggle with inaccurate and time-consuming data collection, you need accurate automated data collection on your plant floor. You have developed integral data systems at the front end and back end of your processes, now is the time to integrate all of your systems and automate data collection on the plant floor.

The data acquisition experts at Advanced Automated Controls, Inc. will provide you with a fully customizable turn-key system capable of providing valuable benefits such as:

  • Drive business goals to the production floor.
  • Create the information link between orders, operators, and equipment.
  • Provide the ability to identify operator developmental needs.
  • Implement control features to reduce production overruns and eliminate errors.
  • Historical and Real-Time records of production events.
  • Integration with existing PM and scheduling systems.

Accurate data collection is a necessary component of every successful business decision. Advanced Automated Controls, Inc. will work with you to analyze your processes and develop a system that works for you. We provide the information needed to make critical business decisions.

Drive System/Motion Control Applications

As a full service systems integrator, AAC, Inc. handles a wide range of motion control and robotic applications from custom-designing complete systems to retooling and reprogramming existing systems. We offer single source accountability for specialized applications and custom solutions and provide complete design, fabrication and machining capabilities. Our personnel are specialized in systems integration and are factory trained and certified to ensure smooth installations, comprehensive customer training and post startup support services. AAC, Inc. has designed systems for material handling, pharmaceutical, furniture manufacturing, food service, along with automotive and a wide range of other industries. From single axis point to point motion to multi-axis interpolated motion, we have the expertise to complete your project competitively, without sacrificing the quality you would expect from a leader in the industry.

With our lead individuals acquiring more than 50 years of motion control experience, AAC, Inc. is confident in and committed to consistently delivering our customers quality motion control applications. And as an independent systems integrator, we can provide you with the best hardware and software solutions for your application. Compliment this with our additional industrial automation services and you get more than just a motion application that does as expected, you get a complete automation solution that will increase efficiency, improve production rates, attain higher quality levels, and ensure the highest safety levels in the industry.

Information Technology Integration

IT environments require 24/7/365 supervision to maintain today’s stringent up-time requirements. Understanding that organizations are utilizing several enterprise and proprietary management systems, AAC, Inc. allows you to integrate these systems quickly and easily utilizing our many years of IT experience. We do not work for the vendors or computer manufacturers; we work with you and for your company’s best interest to reach your strategic business objectives, needs, and goals. AAC, Inc. is in the business of helping companies who are serious about their computer system’s long term stability and growth. We have the knowledge and resources to help you with all of your computer hardware and software needs. Our professional staff will work with you to help plan, configure, implement, deploy and maintain your IT assets. We will become an extension of your existing Information Technology department or be a single point of contact to manage all of your IT departmental needs. We will provide services that assure the best systems in the industry will be utilized. This concept allows you and your staff to focus on running and growing your business, while ensuring the computer resources are available to do so! At AAC, Inc. we realize it is an enormous undertaking to configure and maintain your computer systems. Let our services provide you with the resources you need. We are committed to supplying you with IT services that are unsurpassed in the industry. Call us today for a free consultation and evaluation of your IT needs.

System Retrofits

With over 100 years combined experience in the automation industry, our staff has the expertise to upgrade outdated and antiquated controls systems fluently and with seamless operation and minimal downtime.


Video Surveillances

Video Surveillance: When you think Video Surveillance don’t just think of security. Security is an obvious reason for a high tech surveillance system, but there is another very effective usage of such system. Consider this… your process covers many square feet of utilized space with many different types of integrated and essential pieces of equipment to produce your product efficiently. This equipment and/or process typically requires some type of visual inspection and operator interface to run the system efficiently. Many applications are in confined space or have some safety hazard involved too. Having a central monitoring system for control and alarming is only one piece of the puzzle. Adding video surveillance to the package adds the capability of monitoring the whole process visually from a central location. This will limit the need to enter unsafe areas of your production facility, and limit the need of additional manpower to do so. The operator also has the capability of seeing the whole production facility instantly, at a single glance without wasting time walking miles a day just to monitor or respond to problems or concerns in the process. The result… a safer, more efficient use of manpower, and a more efficient response to problems and issues. And don’t forget, you now have a built in hi-tech security system also. Because this data can also be stored for months or even years, it can be used to troubleshoot intermittent system failures and/or maintenance issues that occur by comparing run and alarming process data with actual video of the running process at the time of failure.

This is a very powerful troubleshooting aide!


Panel Fabrication

From concept through fabrication, AAC, Inc.’s control panel division is a value added service to the overall turn-key solutions concept. AAC, Inc. can fabricate a panel from your design or develop a panel or complete system design based on your specification or a conceptual design idea. Our experienced fabricators work with our Automation Engineers to provide you with the best system design to meet your panel building requirements. AAC, Inc.’s manufactured systems undergo a detailed and documented verification and conformance procedure developed specifically for that panel by the Panel Fabrication Manager. This procedure is performed during the manufacturing process, and prior to delivery. The end result of this process increases total quality and reduces startup time, providing a reduction in overall project costs.

From small operator panels to large multi-panel control system cabinets, AAC, Inc. has the expertise to complete your panel fabrication project, with high quality and workmanship.